Chemosynthesis of methane

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video Chemosynthetic Oasis In the deep ocean there is no light and thus there are no plants; so instead of sunlight being the primary form of energy, chemical energy is produced via chemosynthesis.

What is chemosynthesis? It’s all about the process of converting carbon (methane or carbon dioxide) into organic molecules but without any sunlight presence. It’s possible to use hydrogen sulfide or methane as the main energy source to make this important reaction.


Methane, which is present in some places as natural gas, can be a source of both energy and carbon for some microorganisms, and is also a byproduct of chemosynthesis by some other organisms.

This process is known as chemosynthesis, carbon-containing molecules such as carbon dioxide or methane, lose an electron in a process called oxidation. The importance of chemosynthetic nutritional pathways was examined for macrofaunal invertebrates (> mum) from methane seeps in the Gulf of Alaska (4, m), on the Oregon margin ( m), and on the northern California slope [Eel River margin] ( m) by use of.

Oct 14,  · Methane, which is present in some places as natural gas, can be a source of both energy and carbon for some microorganisms, and is also a byproduct of chemosynthesis by some other organisms.

The oxidation of ammonia to nitrites and nitrates is. Chemosynthesis is the process of converting carbon in the form of carbon dioxide or methane into organic molecules, without sunlight present.

Instead, methane can be used, or hydrogen sulfide as the energy source for this reaction to proceed.

What Is Chemosynthesis ? Chemosynthesis of methane
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