Conduct a job analysis for new salesperson position in interclean

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Career Development Plan Part I

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Decision Process For Recruiting Salespeople

Devise punishments that will result in customer architecture and business growth. Several positions for salesperson will become available as InterClean plans to expand from product sales to in-depth services.

To achieve a seamless transition a complete job analysis needs to be created for the new sales force. Conduct a job analysis using several methodologies. Job performance will be used as the first tool. Job Analysis and Selection words - 6 pages HRM/ April 12, Job Analysis and Selection Interclean Inc.

InterClean simulation

created a new vision to provide a large variety of full-service cleaning solutions. To achieve this goal, the sales team will have to become accustomed to implementing the new future vision. Job Analysis Methods The job analysis methods that have been chosen in order to conduct a proper job analysis research for the new salesperson position for InterClean will be observation, job performance, and the interview process.

All of the methods will be used while conducting the interview for. The analysis methods that will be used to conduct research for the new salesperson positions in InterClean are observation, job performance, interviews, and structured questionnaires.

Observation will be conducted by simply observing each worker without interference and documenting what he or.

Sample Job Analysis

InterClean Job Analysis To conduct a job analysis of new sales positions within InterClean, I would use the methods of interviews and job performance and a structured questionnaire.

Many of the candidates have several years of sales experience and have many qualities that will be successful in. Once an accurate overview of a position is developed, employers should update the job description to match the results of the job analysis.

Job descriptions can be used as a tool for recruiting.

Conduct a job analysis for new salesperson position in interclean
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