Dna origami

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DNA origami

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Overview. The publication of Paul Rothemund’s paper on DNA origami (Nature, March 16, ) marked a turning point in DNA nanotechnology, enabling unprecedented control over designed molecular structures. This symposium is intended to honor Paul Rothemund’s contribution to the field and to survey the spectrum of inspiring research that it has lead to — and perhaps to give a glimmer of.

The Ellington lab is an idea factory, where your ideas are welcome. Throughout its existence, the Ellington Lab has generated impactful new technologies and approaches. Researchers have been using DNA for the rational design and construction of nanoscale objects for nearly 30 years.

Recently, ‘scaffolded DNA origami’ has emerged as one of the most promising assembly techniques in DNA nanotechnology with a broad range of applications.

DNA nanotechnology

Sep 16,  · Dr Alex Bateman demonstrates how to fold his origami DNA double helix model. He uses the origami DNA template downloaded from wowinternetdirectory.com Origami DNA model Mountain fold Solid lines are “mountains” and are to be folded away from you with the peak pointing towards you.

2. Fold all soli d lines going length wise down the page into "mountain folds". Dashed lines are “valleys” and are to be.

Dna origami
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Ten Years of DNA Origami - Caltech