Mopar project cars for sale

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Mopar Rear Axle Dimensions

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Cars for Sale

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Cars claimed to be offered as complete include a Dodge Challenger, for which the sellers are asking $5, a Plymouth Roadrunner, and a Dodge Demon. Most of. What Project Cars For Sale has today is what could be one very unique and rare car.

It is reported to be an original Plymouth Belvedere HP2 car. InPlymouth built fifty (50) HP2 Belvedere II. What Project Cars For Sale has found today is a Dodge Charger that the seller reports has been in dry barn storage since North Eastern Pennsylvania!

The car has a cubic inch engine with an automatic transmission. I buy Classic Cars, Nostalgia, Coca-Cola items, and Gas Station Memorabilia.

I will also consider desirable, solid projects.

MOPAR Cars and Parts for Sale or Trade

If you have a collectible or clean, straight, solid car for sale, give me a call or send me the details by e-mail. Bryant Goldstone came to Drag Week and put on a clinic in the Ultimate Read More.

Mopar project cars for sale
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Project Cars For Sale - The Best Project Cars on the Web!