Skin we can only understand

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Skin effect

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The skin consists of three layers of tissue: the epidermis, an outermost layer that contains the primary protective structure. What does 'white privilege' mean to you? We asked 18 people to discuss terms about race.

Human skin, more than that of any other mammal, exhibits striking topographic example is the dissimilarity between the palms and the backs of the hands and fingers. The skin of the eyebrows is thick, coarse, and hairy; that on the eyelids is thin, smooth, and covered with almost invisible hairs.

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“I let go of worrying about the charts and if I’m good enough – things that come along with the business of artistry,” TobyMac says of his new approach. We can only truly accept ourselves by acknowledging both of the contributing factors which define who we are. Everything and everyone can influence a person’s identity and belonging, but none more so than one’s parents and family.

Skin we can only understand
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